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Known Issues

Here are listed the known bugs and issues that still affects ReX and wait to be fixed.
If you can provide useful informations regarding bugs, issues or problems, please share them on the forum or by emailing me. Thank you.

Bug List:

    This bug affects only a part of players, crashing the game when writing a message in game using "Enter" to send the text.
    A proper fix was not found yet, since this is very hard to reproduce and apparently random.
    Possibile solution: use the whisper command (/w nick) if this bug happens often to you. Whispering seems to never crash you.

    This bug happens when creating or renaming a character, clearing all the items that you deposited in Orgoth The Keeper.
    Possibile solution: before creating or renaming a charater, pick up back all the items and store them in mule chars, then proceed with character's creation/renaming.

    This happens when the maximum number of items laying on the ground (127) is reached, so if killed by monsters your items will be destroyed by the game instead of dropping them on the floor.
    Possibile solution: there isn't a proper solution for this problem. In the future I will try to increase the number of items allowed on the ground, but meanwhile you have to take care of this issue and be aware of it.

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