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Changes Log

Details / Changes Log

Version Public Test 1.2
- Updated ReX Launcher.
- Restored Wizard's cast rate.
- Restored Apocalypse spell on staves.
- Fixed a crash when an unique boss appears in the catacombs.
- Updated Credits' background with a custom made one.
- Strengthened Niggorath and Diablo.
- Balanced some unique items.

Version Public Test 1.1b
- Added new base items (Crest, Defender, Bludgeon, Warlord Plate, Necklace, Sapphire, Katana).
- Added new unique items (Purity Band, Medusa's Touch, Endless Solitude, Daimonion, Bushido Pride).
- Fixed some unique items and their drop.
- Corrected some textual typos.

Version Public Test 1.1
- Updated ReX Launcher.
- Corrected some textual typos.
- Fixed some items' issues.
- Decreased drop's quantity rate on dungeon level 16.
- Added new monsters, sub-races and bosses.
- Improved levels randomization for monsters.
- Improved town's shape and fixed some glitches.
- Replaced Kryo with "Lord Fatmoose", a new puzzling figure in the world of ReX.
- Introduced Lord Fatmoose's pet as well.
- Disabled Telekinesis in town.
- Removed Chaos Shrine.
- Balanced Wizard's casting rate (as it was in original Diablo).
- Removed Apocalypse spell because of unfairness reasons.

Version Public Test 1.0
- Updated ReX Launcher.
- GUI graphics were totally restyled.
- Removed Armageddon Rock because of too many issues.
- Fixed some text strings.
- Removed "Hell Burner" monster because of sync problems between players.

Version TS-13 / Pre-Public 1.0
- Monster "Archathos" does no longer hide items on the gound when dying.
- Added new monster at level 16: "Vicarious".
- Introduced a new spell: "Martyrium" (findable only on "Armageddon Rock").
- Spell "Stone Curse" is now findable as book.
- Fixed spellbook damages display for all spells.
- Removed Arcane Ruin that adds 2 points to all attributes.
- Brought back to 7 the stats points gained at level up.
- Removed Mystic Shrine.
- All speeches were replaced with useful hints about the game, in english language.
- Removed Unholy Guardians.
- Added Town Portal's control system to avoid Shared Exp's abusing (leeching).
- Is now possible to get experience points by killing other players (100 points gained from level 1 to 15, 2000 points from 16 to 31 and 15000 from 32 to 50).

Version TS-12
- Fixed the graphic for the Infernal Knight summoned with "Summoning" Spell.
- Moving the mouse over the Infernal Knight will be displayed the owner and how many hit points he has.
- Improved shrines and their messages.
- Fixed inpact animation for Doom Serpents.
- Added "Assassin" evolution for the thief.
- Corrected costs and qlvls for base items and affixes.
- Fixed requirements visualization.
- Balanced unique items.
- New monsters added: Haureus and Archathos (dungeon 16), Moldoror (dungeos 13-15).
- Changed dungeon 15's bosses: added Antaka and Agras at Morgorath's side.
- Added more bosses.
- Increased experience points gained in hell.
- Recoded "Stone Curse" spell into the game.
- "Infernal Summoning" spell is now findable on books and scrolls.
- The Knight now has "Stone Curse" as skill.
- Removed "Infernal Summon Rock".
- Added "Arcane Relic" items, a sort of runes that will work as portable shrines, like a scroll.
- Added new effect: "Deflects monster's damage" (it deflects part of monsters' damage).
- Decreased from 7 to 5 the points gained at level up, since there were introduced items with attributes' permanent bonuses.
- Fixed many sounds.
- Minor fixes.

Version TS-11
- Updated ReX Launcher.
- Fixed Orgoth's problem (YES/NO).
- Replaced "Psichic Guard" spell with "Sentinel".
- Added "Warmonk" subclass, inspired by the classic Diablo's Warmage, activable with special items.
- Added more transformations.
- More unique items have been balanced.
- Replaced Spined Sword (3x2) with Atavistic Sword (3x1).
- Revisited and fixed all the shrines and their relative messages.
- Disabled Quest Panel.
- Town Portal are blue again.
- Diablo is back in the game at Niggorath's side.
- Removed mana visualization string when moving cursor over another player.
- Added some graphic enhancements over the various levels.
- Fixed all base items' requirements.
- Moo.

Version TS-10b
- Reorganized code for Orgoth's functions.
- Fixed some issues on items.
- Fixed Mind Control's crash due to a code error in the previus patch.
- Corrected Kryo's dialog in wich he was drunk.

Version TS-10
- Updated ReX Launcher.
- Added UDP Lan Protocol.
- Revisited and updated old connectivity protocols.
- Is no more needed to add the gateway manually, it's done automatically.
- Fixed some parts of the menu.
- Fixed the customization of netmessages, now labmod.ini works fine.
- Another balancing adjustment for uniques and basic items.
- Orgoth The Keeper has now his fuction of "keeper" of items. No more players needed to mule your items, infact the new "mule" will share all items between your characters. Items will be saved permanently (until you repick them up) so you can close ReX and find again your stuff when reopening.

Version TS-9b e TS-9c
- Tried to balance unique items.

Version TS-9
- Added interactive menù (ReX Launcher).
- Fixed Phasing mana cost.
- When casting Manashield the life is healed too.
- Fixed Unholy Guardians' crash.
- Disabled Map Player Locator, for duel balancing purpose.
- First try to balance much uniques, base items and affixes.
- Fixed "invisible corpse" bug.

Version TS-8
- Fixed unique items "Vendetta","Ruinrama" and "Soul Enchanter".
- Phasing is now back, findable also as book.
- Fixed spells' visualization in spellbook. Flash and Doom Serpents are now under "magic spells", since they deal magic damage.
- Fixed unique monster "Unholy Voice" (Requiem Singer) that crashes the game.
- Revisited NPC's speeches (Neria).

Version TS-7
- Rewrited speeches for Tristram's NPC.
- Removed Ancient Artifacts.
- Fixed "Shadow" monster.
- Resolved some problems with armors and plates.
- Deactivated WeaponRack and ArmorRack.
- Fixed charges of Wizard's starting staff.
- Corrected weird prices of many base items.
- Added "Orgoth The Keeper" as new NPC. In next versions he will maybe have importan role.
- Balanced some shields (Thunder: AC 18-25; Old: AC 15-23 Mana Leech 1-5%; Gothic: AC 17-23 Fast Hit Recovery).
- Removed KnockBack effect on "Armoured Plate" base item.

Version TS-6
- Fixed first bugs on new uniques.
- Fixed sounds of mana potions.
- Fixed "Viking's Helm".
- Removed " xxx is an invalid ReX command" prompt when sending commands to server.

Version TS-5
- Unique items are now displayed in gold also in shops (Griswold, Alain Cain and Neria).
- Created over 50 new graphics for items.
- Removed Axes as base items.
- Revisited unique items and created new ones. Also drop of uniques has been improved.
- Decresed TH of Dead Rogues to 90%.
- Now Traggoths are undeads and not demons anymore.
- Decresed TH and DAM for Moonson and other monsters.
- Labiri arrives to Tristram to bring advices to all the Rebirth's Knights and to heal their wounds. Eheh.
- Other graphics works done on Tristram.
- Is now more difficult to level-up.
- Improved TPs locations.

Version TS-4
- Removed Manaleech and Fastest Hit Recovery on Murder Plate. Added only Fast Hit Recovery.
- Gold Piles size is now 10.000.
- Improved Map Player Locator and removed the "extra" arrow displayed at the top of the map.
- Decresed TH and DAM for Traggoth, Thunder and Hell Burner.
- Now Summoning spell is correctly displayed in the spellbook.

Version TS-3
- Fixed Neriel's War.
- Fixed "invisible bloodstar" bug.
- Fixed resurrection in town after dying with life-bonuses items.
- Town Portal spell is now correctly displayed in the spellbook.

Version TS-2
- Fixed all reported crashes.
- Removed Martyrium spell.
- Fixed Rags price.

Version G2 / TS-1
- Added new uniques and base items.
- Added new graphics for items.
- Added a new class of monsters.
- Improved unique monsters.
- Changed the game loading screen.
- Tristram has been heavily redesigned.
- Quest pannel now displays new quests' status.
- Wirt is dead. The remaining leg went in decomposition.
- Ogden is misteriously disappeared.
- A new NPC is arrived to Tristram: is "Miezo The Trader".
- Added some cows. Moo.
- New secrets added.
- The Guardians now protect the new cemetery.
- Deckard Cain left the charge to Alain Cain.
- Changed "Neria" graphic.
- Griswold is now "Cursed Griswold", due to story settings of Rebirth Expansion.
- Added life regenerating effect on unique and magical items (with "Exstasy's" prefix)
- The "Restore" spell can now be casted in town.
- The "Phasing" spell has been recoded in the game.
- "Summoning" skill has now no more healing effect on casting.
- Fixed invisible walls that often occures in Hell.
- Fixed game joining offset for the 4th player.
- Revisited some sounds of characters.
- Fixed many speeches of towners.
- Fixed a technical problem that crashes the game when trying to join an IPX game.
- If you die you'll lose 10% of experience too.
- Map Player Locator: each player on your same level will be displayed on the automap with an arrow.

Old versions log

Version Gamma 1.6
-All known bugs are now finally fixed.
-Reassigned Unique Items' Qlvl, re-balanced drop.
-Fixed random minor bugs.

Version Gamma 1.5
- Removed Little Bug monsters, too unstable.
- Fixed some base items.
- Revisited unique items drop.
- Added the feature "display extra player attributes", so on mouseover on a player you can see his stats and mana too.
- Decresed power of "Poltergeist" monsters.
- Changed some minor things.

Version Gamma 1.4
- Fixed F1-F4 hotkeys bug. Now they are cleaned at every game joining.
- Randomized offsets for game joining.
- Cleaned up some code.
- You can lose items also dying at level 16.
- Added two new monsters: Little Bug and Poltergeist.
- Moonson monsters has evolved...
- Neriel's War (the old King Leoric) now summons scheletons, like Diablo SP.
- Prefix "Cryptic" now gives Rage Against Demons.
- Revisited the spellbook, and its graphics too.
- Added new base item: Armoured Plate.
- Added new unique item: Gabryel's Hate, with life&mana leech.
- Added new secret items.
- Balanced bonuses of some unique items.
- Decreased the power of Dead Rogues.
- A fog of new mysteries comes down on Tristram...

Version Gamma 1.2 e 1.3
- Changed magic damage on Izual's Glance to +5/10 Dex.
- Now the Cat's Tail requires 210 Dex to be used.
- Hydra's Charmer has no longer mana bonus, but it can be found with 3 different attacking speeds.
- Increased Izual's Set find.
- Removed Stealth Mode for Jest's Crest.
- Now TP spell can be learnt from books.
- Fixed Town Shrine, that now opens a TP.
- Fixed Death Touch monsters, now they don't crash anymore.

Version Gamma 1.1
- Removed Golem, Phasing and Stone Curse spells.
- Changed skills: Knight --> Summoning Skill: it heals himself and casts another knight to help him in fightings.
Wizard --> Knowledge: identify items.
- Improved Set and Unique items balance.
- Now the Jest Crest hasn't anymore the feature "Don't drop items at death"...this mythical attribute goes to a misterious item...
- Fixed Mind Control Spell.
- Fixed Niggorath Crash
- Improved dots' assignment.
- Adjusted some Bosses.
- Fixed problems related to spells on staffs.
- Improved general game stability.

Version 3.1-3.2- ReX Gamma 1.0
- It's no longer possible to dupe items.
- Disabled "New Game" and "Quit Diablo" when you are dead, so you can't exit the game by accident.
- Renamed "Gossip" to "Voices".
- Revisited all Bosses' names.
- Added base item "Doomscythe"
- Fixed Telekinesis: casting it on NPC no longer gave crash.
- Balanced "Karmakiller" monster. He hasn't Lightning immunity anymore.
- Substituded "Morgorath" with "The Old Lord" (Diablo) due to story-line causes.
- Added "Niggorath" as final boss.
- Fixed the bug that provocate the wrap-around of monster's ToHit values in Nightmare and Hell difficulties.
[Values before the correction: Normal=220%|Nightmare=44%|Hell=84%]
(For more information see "The Jarulf's Guide").
- Knight can now equip two one-handed sword.

Version 3.0 & 3.0 build 2
- Gold pile changed to 35.000
- Added new monsters: "Karma Killer", "Requiem Singer", "Fetus Lament",
"Traggoth". Changed graphic for Morgorath.
- Chain Lightning returns in Rebirth as "Lightchains"
- Improved gaming system
- Fixed minor issues
- Removed "Pandaren" prefix
- Fixed monster's Resistances/Immunities display
- All the three classes have the ability to recognize traps
- Fixed a bug that cast a tp instead of Lightchains

Version 2.7 --> Version 2.8 & 2.9
- Changed item's drop routines
- Fixed Affixes conflicts
- Some unique items balanced
- Kind Shrine removed due to its unstable code.
- Removed "of infravision" occurance
- Some base items balanced
- Some minor bugs changed

Version 2.6 --> Version 2.7
- Fixed "big books" crash
- Fixed some unique items
- Game balancing changes.


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